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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Glossary Guide to Sushi

There are thousands of excellent sushi restaurant in the United States serving millions of foodies every year. However, many people remain intimidated by sushi-dining process, and never allow yourself to enjoy one of the most healthy, delicious meals more styles on the planet.

To the beginning of sushi lovers-to-be, we present the following glossary of basic terms and definitions sushi. This information will help introduce the world of sushi and have the skills to enter any Japanese restaurant and order with confidence.

Basic Sushi Glossary

Aburage -. Fried pouches made ​​from tofu, cooked in water, works and soy sauce

Hagar -. Tasteful types of green tea

Aji - a type of mackerel (also known as "Spanish Mackerel ).

Akama -. Leanest part of the tune, Akama is cut from the backs of fish

ANAGA -. Eel found in salt water

Anko-nabe -. Popular variations monkfish stew

Baigai - Small water snails

Bara Sushi -. Unique types of sushi in which sushi rice and seafood ingredients are all mixed together and served as

California Roll - One of the most popular sushi dishes in the United States. Includes crab meat, smelt or flying fish and avocado.

Chutoro-maki - marbled tuna rolls

Ebi - cooked shrimp (plain and simple !).

Engawa - tasty meat surrounding the scallop muscle (also refer to the muscle that controls the halibut was nice ).

Fugu - One of the most notorious types of sushi, Fugu the Blowfish, which can be poisonous if prepared incorrectly


Futo-Maki -. Roll filled with boiled egg (fresh), rice, pickled vegetables and pumpkin

Ika - Squid

Inada - young yellowtail fish

Iso-Don -. Bed Sushi rice is served under the fish, vegetables or a mixture of other items

Kamaboko -. It is a fish cake with a minnow and a mixture of pounded corn starch

Kani - Crab meat

Kanpachi -. Young yellowtail fish

Katsu - not technically sushi, Katsu refers to fried foods using crumbs kruha.Najpopularnija species Katsu Chicken Katsu.

Koi. Saltwater carp

van and konba -. These terms refer to dried kelp or seaweed

Kurodai -. Snapper dish using

to make sushi -. Sushi rolls prepared seaweed, rice and vegetables in the core role

maki-mono - fish and rice rolled together and wrapped in seaweed

Mochi - Sweet rice cakes

Mushimono -. Applies to any dish pairs

Philadelphia Roll - Another U.S. favorite, Philadelphia Roll is a roll made ​​with salmon, cream cheese and vegetables


Sake.Jaka riže.Bitna of wine in most sushi restaurants around the world.

Sashimi - This popular dish includes chilled raw fish served without rice. (The fish is sliced​​)

Senbei -. These thin rice crackers are usually served with soy sauce and various other spices

Shirumono - Japanese term for soup

Shoyo - Soy Sauce

Suimono - a clear, flavorful broth, but

Tako - Octopus

Tekka-Don -. Selection of raw tuna served over rice

Wasabi - spicy Japanese horseradish. If you've never used before Wasabi, be careful your first time!

Yosenabe -. Japanese fish and vegetables

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

8 Kauai Restaurant Reviews

to satisfy your appetite at Kauai Hawaii! Every place has something different to offer a nice view, products, culture and especially food!

Here in Kauai Hawaii all your senses will be delighted. From the sense of sight, such as festivals and the breathtaking views of Kauai has to offer up your palate for the taste of delicious food available on the island. Here is a list of restaurants to check out while on vacation on the island garden.

Beach House Restaurant

Beach House Restaurant is known as the best restaurant in the Garden Island. This title has been awarded consistently to the restaurant by Honolulu Magazine. Popular not only for its delicious food made ​​up for us a famous chef Todd Barrett, but the ambiance and stunning ocean views and sunsets, Beach House Restaurant also boast of staff that embodies the famous island hospitality.

Brennecke Beach Broiler Restaurant

Located in the Poipu Beach Park, to hang out is a popular beach-front dining, but at a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. Perfect for cooling after a morning walk on the beach or a casual observation of the sunset over dinner. Try their specialty as Kauai Asparagus Salad, Ahi tester, Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime Crusted Sea Scallops, Local Boy Paella and Coconut Butter Mochi sundae, and you'll be back for an encore!

Duke's Kauai

Located in Kalapaki Beach, this open-air beach restaurant is known for his barefoot bar, where your sandy feet after a walk on the beach is welcome. Tribute to Duke Kahanamoku, surfing legend from the title "Father of International Surfing". It is also known for his Hula pie.

Gaylord at Kilohana

Gaylord at Kilohana


Kalaheo Cafe and Coffee Company

found in the mountains of Kalaheo, where coffee plantations that stretch up to 4,000 acres, this quaint cafe specializes in coffee products. Enjoy your baked goods are baked daily and a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner that are more special and unique because of their special brews of coffee and fabrication.

KCL BBQ & Chinese Restaurant

Enjoy Chinese and Western cuisine at the Garden Island with KCL BBQ & Chinese Restaurant. Now with two great locations in Kapaa and Lihue. Indulge in fried pastries that are reasonably priced you'll get your food at a fast food joint.

Keoki heaven

is aptly located in Poipu, Keoki's Paradise really looking and feeling of paradise overlooking the lush green and cold water. With the ambience of an accident and relaxation at affordable prices and good food to boot, this place requires a visit when you vacation on the beautiful island of Kauai. Styled to look like a dockside boathouse, the place is decorated with surfboards and Hawaiian posters to enhance relaxation and casual mood.

Lighthouse Bistro

an island popular restaurant located on the northern coast in the center of Kilauea. They serve Pacific Kitchen is connected with European flavor during lunches and dinners, live bands and singers four nights each week.

So, when you finally make that trip to Kauai Hawaii to make sure that you must see and must taste the restaurant on your must list.

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